Through the Eyes of Outcasts

Violent, emotional, fast, and thought-provoking, Through the Eyes of Outcasts starts the Outcasts saga off with a bang.

Scott Ingram is not a normal man: at random and unpredictable times, he can see into the minds of others. He has no control over whether the experience will be trivial… or dark and foreboding. Outcast by his own family and tormented by his abilities, he lives a lonely existence of fear and anxiety. Ingram discovers there are others like him when he becomes aware of Sarah Bollinger, a beautiful clairvoyant who can teach him how to master his power. He has a chance to belong again, but first he must go to her.

Douglass Stevens is a man who earns his living by creating death. He wants to return to the warmth of his family home before his secret tears them away forever. Before he can retire, he must kill a man whom he considers to be a brother. Doug’s assignment will make him cross paths with Ingram, and for the safety of all he fights for, there can be no loose ends. But how does he kill a man who can see him coming?

Both men desire lives of harmony and peace. Their only obstacle is each other.

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