Hey! A Free Book!

[7/17/2020:  This offer has ended–but keep checking back to this blog for more special offers in the future!  I wish to sincerely thank all of you who have participated, and hope you’re thoroughly enjoying your new book!]

For a great many of us, times have changed dramatically.  The headlines are virus-infested, blogs are virus-infested, and nearly every conversation is… wait for it… virus-infested.  Some of you out there have found yourselves forced into spending a great deal of time inside of your homes.  The Netflix selection’s all starting to look the same.  When you turn to Hulu for support, it’s always the same three ads every ten freaking minutes.  There’s only so many cute cat or baking videos you can stand when you fire up YouTube.  Even worse, yesterday when you spoke to the dog, he spoke back–and he had a lot to say about many topics ranging from quantum physics to gardening: you’re confident that if he ever ran for politics, he’d cure humanity of all of its ills.  Your mug of coffee keeps looking at you weird.  Your jacket just sadly waved at you, and wants to know why you don’t call anymore.

I feel your pain.

Thankfully, there’s always reading.  A chance to escape into a new world, spend a few hours with new people (none of whom you have to shy away from if they should happen to sneeze), and take on a new adventure.  As an author, I’d like to help you with that.

That’s why for a limited time readers of my blog can now get the first novel of the Outcasts Saga for free.  Other than being available for a limited time, there’s no strings attached (although in advance I’d like to thank those of you who leave reviews on your favorite bookseller’s website–reviews are any author’s lifeblood).

You can find the book’s description on my website’s product page (opens in new tab)–and if you’re the type who doesn’t jump into any pool without first testing the water, you’ll find that you can sample the first chapter there as well.  Remember that this offer is only available on this blog, so if you’re interested, come on back here and we’ll get you set up.

If you’re the type who likes to cannonball your way right in (fortune favors the bold, right?), simply click the link most relevant to your device.

Supported Devices:

MOBI for Amazon Kindle apps and e-readers.  If that sounds like you, this is your stop.  Kalac, Jeff, Through the Eyes of Outcasts MOB  Removed.

EPUB for Nook, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Freda, Bookeen, Adobe Digital Editions, and many more.  For you, this is your stop.  Kalac, Jeff, Through the Eyes of Outcasts EPUB  Removed.

Just download, unzip, and transfer.  Badda-boom, badda bing!

Please stay safe and healthy out there, folks.  We’re all in this together.

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