On the Path, and on Target


I’m happy to announce that the follow-up to Through the Eyes of Outcasts is on target (like a mark through a sniper’s scope) for release during the spring of 2018.  As I type this blog entry, the manuscript is in the process of revisions.  If you’ve ever done carpentry work, think of this period as sanding passes:  rough spots get smoothed over here.  Within this very month, it will be in the hands of my editor.  After editing, there’s another round of final revisions (should my editor find any rough spots I’ve missed), copyright registration, typesetting/formatting, cover design, distributor set-ups… lasso tricks, cake, punch, and a dance contest.  But after all of that, dear reader, it will be in your hands.

Entitled On the Path of Outcasts, it will be available during the spring of 2018.  I’m aiming for March, but certainly April at the very latest.

That said, I’ll let you know that if something happened which saw this novel on your lap today, right now, I wouldn’t be too bummed or embarrassed.  The heavy lifting has been done.  The story is pretty much “there.”  And if you liked Through the Eyes of Outcasts, you’re going to really sink your teeth into this one.

Well… no, don’t eat it.  I’m not flavoring it or anything–the Cheetos crumbs are yours to put on the pages yourselves, okay?  That’s not on me.  That’s all you.  My writing, your junk food.  That’s the deal.

On the Path of Outcasts will be a larger novel than the fast-read feel of the first entry, but that doesn’t mean I’m backing off from giving the Outcasts plenty to do.  Scott Ingram and Sarah Bollinger will be at this party, and you’re going to get to know them a lot better.  I could tell you more… but what’s the point of going to a party if you already know what’s going to happen?

None.  No point at all.  Stop looking for spoilers.

Besides, finding things out on your own is the fun of readying a new novel–and this particular novel’s going to be tons of fun.  And remember:  there’s still another book that will be following in what I hope will be the spring of 2019.  Outcasts are busy people.

Stay tuned to find out more as developments occur.  I’ll keep you posted.  We’re in this together, after all.

On a sincere personal note, I wish to thank readers of Through the Eyes of Outcasts for their support.  The feedback I’ve received has been incredible, and it’s a special euphoria to know that you’re enjoying what you’ve read so far.  You’re the reason why I’m doing this, each of you.

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